Engagement Shoot- Beverly Hills Photography

We booked a photographer for the wedding- Beverly Hills Photography!  They were on Disney's recommended vendor list and because they work so much with Disney, they actually have employee badges/passes for Disneyland!  They know the Disney wedding venues so well it made us feel confident they were the right photographers for us!
Lucky for us when we booked them they had a limited time deal where you get a complimentary engagement shoot after booking them for your wedding. We hadn't planned on getting a professional engagement shoot since we were happy with the photos we used for our Save the Dates but we weren't going to turn one down!  I'm really happy we were able to do one because it gave us a chance to get to know our photographer and a chance to see how their photos of us look!
I'm happy to report that we loved having them do our shoot and the pictures they took!  We picked Disneyland as our location for the shoot and although we had only a little more than an hour with them, we got many great photos!
Here are a few of my many favorites!


Dress Story- Part 2

I'm sorry it's taken so long to finish my dress story!  As the wedding gets closer, my schedule gets busier.
(To read the first part of the story, take a look at my previous post:  Dress Story- Part 1.)
After trying on dresses in California, I went to Texas to try some of my favorites with my family.  First we went to David's Bridal and I tried on some of the ones I liked there.  My family liked the same dresses I did but there wasn't one that everyone had a big reaction too.
The next day we went to Alfred Angelo after a trip to Build-A-Bear where my youngest sister got a new lamb.  The lamb went with us to shop for dresses!

At Alfred Angelo I was able to try on the Ariel and Snow White Disney dresses.  Ariel was a very beautiful dress with a lot of detail!  I liked it but it was a little too hard for me to walk in. I really liked the Snow White dress though and it became a fave.

Top- Ariel, Bottom- Snow White

I must add that at this Alfred Angelo I was paired with an awesome dress consultant.  She was so helpful and really went out of her way to make the whole dress shopping experience a special one!  She even played with my little sister's lamb and let my sister try on a big tiara!
After a couple more dresses I tried on my favorite dress from my previous visit to the California Alfred Angelo for my family to see. This was the one everyone seemed to love!  It is not a Disney dress but looks a lot like Belle's ballgown dress from Beauty and the Beast.  I tried on a few more dresses afterwards but everyone in my family seemed to agree that the Belle-like dress was the one.  I tried it on one more time and then we looked at veils and tiaras.  I ended up picking a tiara my youngest sister picked out.  I love the tiara even more because of that!
So my dress is picked out and that big decision is done! I'm not posting a picture of it because I want it to be a surprise for the wedding guests.  I'll be getting my dress in the mail in July.  I can't wait!