Update and upcoming posts!

I haven't done any posts in a while but it is because I have actually been very busy with the wedding!  Over the last two to three weeks, I have done my wedding dress shopping, ordered my dress, and decided on a photographer.  Before I start doing posts on these adventures though, I need to sort them all out and get them written down... so details on the dress shopping and photographer selection are coming soon!
I decided that until I get that done I'll be doing a post on the small photo session Jared and I did for our Save the Dates.  We went to the Disneyland Resort and had his brother take a bunch of pictures and also had some Photopass pictures taken.  We actually got some great pictures that we were happy with!
That'll be my next post coming up so stay tuned!

Silhouettes at Disneyland

When Jared and I got our wedding packet in the mail we decided we'd do something to celebrate. We love Disneyland and had always wanted to get silhouettes at their studio on Main Street so that's what we did! 
We've walked by the studio several times but had never been inside.  

At the studio, they cut out your silhouette and then if you like you can have them put your silhouette next to your friends or family's silhouettes or next to your favorite Disney character.  

We went to the studio first thing when we got to Disneyland because we figured we would have to come back for our silhouettes later that day.  The cast member in the store had us take turns sitting in a chair facing the window.  When I sat in the chair she pulled out a piece of black paper and her scissors and in about a minute she had cut out my silhouette.  She was done with both our silhouettes in less than five minutes!  She didn't trace our shadows or anything.  She simply looked at our profile and cut out our silhouettes.  It was really quite amazing. Here is what our finished silhouettes looked like:

Pretty cool, don't you think?  The price was very affordable and it's a great souvenir from Disneyland! It's especially nice for families and couples. Maybe we'll put this on our guest book table at our wedding reception!

Festival of Brides/Sleeping Beauty Pavilion Pics

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day!  Jared and I went to the Festival of Brides at the Disneyland Hotel.  I had never been to any bridal festivals before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  We were able to to get free tickets to it since we are having a Disney wedding and pre-registered for the event.  We got there early to grab an iced mocha (our favorite!) and muffin from the coffee shop at the hotel and then headed towards the festival.

The ballroom where the festival took place looked great!  They had a big replica of Sleeping Beauty's castle on the stage.

In the ballroom there were several booths for different vendors such as companies that do invitations, flowers, decorating, catering, and some that featured honeymoon destinations.  Since we are having a wedding with Disney a lot of these tables weren't very useful for us.  Flowers, decorations, food...Disney's got us covered.  We did make a couple stops however at  the booths of companies that did photography, tuxedo rentals, and wedding registries.
Disney Weddings had an area of their own as well that we looked at.  The Cinderella Carriage was there which I'll never get tired of seeing as well as a table that had Cinderella's glass slipper.

They had a table display with flowers and place settings.

Lucky for us our Disney floral designer, Kelly, was there and she told us to go check out the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion that she had decorated earlier that morning.  We were excited to find out our reception spot was open so we headed over after we found out so we could take a look. I was especially happy because I'd be able to take pictures of it to show my family.
Before I show the pictures I took inside the Pavilion I thought I would share a picture of what the outside looks like.  Right now the outside of the building is undergoing a great deal of construction as it gets fixed up to match the rest of Disneyland Hotel renovations.  There is a new restaurant being built at the hotel that is going to be Polynesian themed and when we met with our coordinator last week she told us that the outside of the Pavilion will match it.  The only change made to the inside of the Pavilion however will be that the windows will no longer be arched and be rectangular instead.
Here's what it looks like outside:

Lots of construction right?  Well I have to tell you I was curious about the inside and I must say it still looks amazing!  The room already has the rectangle windows and I think it still looks great.

The tables and flowers looked beautiful!

They had snacks in the ballroom and while I was taking picture of the dessert tray, I ran into another Disney bride named Hope that recognized me from The Disney Wedding Blog (My posts from this blog have been featured on the site).  Meeting Hope was probably the highlight of my day!  I also remembered her as soon as I saw her because her engagement and wedding pictures were also on the Disney Wedding Blog. She had a gorgeous wedding at the Disneyland Resort that was Sleeping Beauty themed.  We talked a bit about the festival and the pavilion.  It was really neat to meet her!
After the stop at the Pavilion, Jared and I took a break and later on I went back to the ballroom to see Mickey and Minnie come out on the stage.

After that we left the festival. I wish they had more booths that would apply more to Disney weddings and that the photography company that we were interested  in (Beverly Hills Photography) had been there but overall we were pretty happy.  We didn't expect to be able to see the Pavilion again and take pictures there so we were very pleased!  And to Hope- it was wonderful to meet you! I thought of like a dozen Disneyland wedding questions after I left the festival so if you ever want to shoot me an email, please do! (nerissa@sodisney.com)