Our DIY Invites!

For our invitations we searched online but couldn't find anything we liked.  So I decided I would attempt to make them!  We went to the Paper Source and picked out an assortment of items for me to play with!  We got everything in our colors- dark blue, white, and silver.  After that we made a stop at Paradise Pier and picked out some Mickey punch out items they have at their gift shop as well as some fun scissors that cut Mickey edges.  Finally we grabbed some postcards and a Disney notepad.

Here's a pic of the stuff we started out with.

Here's what we created:

The invite!

With it's envelope:

Inside first flap:

Inside (this one has no text because it was the first one I made, we printed the invite info on the rose paper in the middle):

I really love the rose paper.  It reminds me of Beauty and the Beast! 

We used an assortment of Disney postcards for our RSVP cards.  There's a pocket in the card where the postcard fits perfectly.

We also bought envelopes for the RSVP postcards.  Jared came up with the back of the RSVP on his own!  He put one of our engagement pictures on it and I love how it turned out!  

We did English ones and Spanish ones as well for my family.  We used the notepad for handwritten notes that we inserted into the invitations that went to the members of the bridal party.

I love how our invites turned out but I must admit it was a lot of work! We spent a whole Saturday with Jared printing invites and cutting silver paper into strips and me glueing & putting it together. This doesn't include all the time it took to label them all and tie the ribbon around each card.  We were so happy with the result though that the hard work was worth it!  I'm really glad we took on the task of doing them ourselves!

Sleeping Beauty Pavilion Renovations

Over the last few months the Disneyland Hotel has been undergoing a lot of construction.  It didn't affect the Rose Court Garden but the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion was completely transformed as well as the area surrounding it!  
Here is a photo of the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion and the hotel from 2010.

Here are a few photos of the Pavilion during construction.  I must admit it did make me a little nervous when it was completely covered.

Recently the Pavilion was unveiled with it's new look that matches the renovated area surrounding it.  

The changes don't bother me and I'm kind of excited by how the whole hotel is looking overall.  They also recently started doing work on the Neverland Pool which is near the Pavilion.

I am a little sad with The Neverland Pool undergoing major construction because I loved that pool.  But, with the changes that they've already made to the rest of the hotel I have hopes that it will look just as great and be just as fun when it is finished! Take a look at these other newly renovated spots around the Pavilion!

Trader Sam's across from Pavilion opened a couple months ago!

Tangaroa Terrace near the Pavilion is also now open!

The new Monorail slides next to the Pavilion