Silhouettes at Disneyland

When Jared and I got our wedding packet in the mail we decided we'd do something to celebrate. We love Disneyland and had always wanted to get silhouettes at their studio on Main Street so that's what we did! 
We've walked by the studio several times but had never been inside.  

At the studio, they cut out your silhouette and then if you like you can have them put your silhouette next to your friends or family's silhouettes or next to your favorite Disney character.  

We went to the studio first thing when we got to Disneyland because we figured we would have to come back for our silhouettes later that day.  The cast member in the store had us take turns sitting in a chair facing the window.  When I sat in the chair she pulled out a piece of black paper and her scissors and in about a minute she had cut out my silhouette.  She was done with both our silhouettes in less than five minutes!  She didn't trace our shadows or anything.  She simply looked at our profile and cut out our silhouettes.  It was really quite amazing. Here is what our finished silhouettes looked like:

Pretty cool, don't you think?  The price was very affordable and it's a great souvenir from Disneyland! It's especially nice for families and couples. Maybe we'll put this on our guest book table at our wedding reception!

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  1. I think that'd be really nice by your guest book table. I think I want to do this next time I'm at Disneyland.