The Proposal- Hotel Del Coronado/Grand Floridian

Jared proposed to me at one of our favorite places in Southern California, the Hotel Del Coronado.  I was completely surprised when he did it. In fact the whole weekend was a complete surprise!
He led me to believe that we were going to be spending the weekend at Disneyland.  We live near it but we still like to stay at the Disney hotels once in a while and have a mini vacation.  I packed my bag for the weekend and we headed off to the train station to catch a resort bus to Disneyland.  Instead of stopping at the bus stop, Jared continued to the train station where to my surprise we got on the train to San Diego.
We got off the train and Jared told us the place we were staying wouldn't let us check in until later that day so we decided to take the ferry to Coronado Island to get some lunch and then get a drink at our favorite spot on the island. 

Our favorite spot on Coronado Island is the Hotel Del Coronado.  It is a gorgeous hotel right by the ocean that has a lot of history.  It was also the location where one of my favorite movies, Some Like It Hot, was filmed.  

It turned out that Jared had gotten us a room there!  My last and greatest surprise was when we went for a walk on the beach by the hotel and he proposed!  It was perfect.

We spent the rest of the weekend celebrating and enjoying the beautiful hotel.  One of the things about the Hotel Del Coronado that a Disney fan would enjoy is how it looks very much like the Grand Floridian.  This is because the Hotel Del Coronado is what the Grand Floridian is modeled after!  Take a look at these pictures and see if you can tell which ones are the Hotel Del Coronado and which ones are from the Grand Floridian.

The first, third, and fifth pictures are all from our engagement weekend at the Hotel Del Coronado.  The second, fourth, and sixth are from our trip to Disney World last year.
We had a wonderful time at the Hotel Del Coronado and even considered it for our wedding.  I love that Jared proposed there so it will always be very special to me!

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