Wedding Mickey and Minnie Champagne Flutes

Our anniversary is coming up quick!  To celebrate we are planning to pull out a couple of our wedding items to use that day!  One of the things we'll probably use again are our champagne flutes!  

Photo by Beverly Hills Photography

 We got them from Crystal Arts on Main Street at Disneyland!

They had several glasses to pick from with different characters on them.  We picked champagne flutes that had groom Mickey and bride Minnie.  At Crystal Arts they can engrave letters onto many of the items they sell so we had them etch our names onto the front of them and the wedding date on the back.   We were so happy with them! 


  1. Those are so cute! I really like them. Its neat that they engraved your names on them. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Yay! Our toasting flutes only come out on anniversaries too. I think it's a nice tradition to dust them off to commemorate the special day. :) Congrats!

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