Cinderella's Carriage

Our first meeting with a Disney Weddings consultant (Cynthia) was on one of the days they had an Open House.  This was nice because it meant that they had their big ballrooms at the Disneyland Hotel available to show us some of the things they offer for weddings. The ballrooms are also used for receptions but they aren't an option for us because we are trying to keep our guests down to 50 and you need more guests for a space that big.  They had one of the ballrooms set up to show off what they can do with lighting.  The ballroom was very nice with the special lighting but I was more interested in the replica of Sleeping Beauty's Castle that they had there.  It is an example of one of the many neat things you can add on to your wedding.
Before we entered the next room, Cynthia took a peek through the doors and told us to wait.  After a moment she let us into the ballroom.  It had an elaborately decorated table in the middle and a stage not far from it.  We went to the table and took a look at what they can do with place settings. After looking for a minute suddenly the lights dimmed and music started as the curtains on the stage came up and revealed the Cinderella Carriage!

Major Domo was there holding Cinderella's glass slipper!  Cynthia told us that it is all available for weddings and she let us go and sit in the carriage.

I loved the carriage so much!  It really is beautiful and makes you feel like a princess!  Unfortunately the cost to have the carriage is very expensive and since we're on a budget it's not something we can have at our wedding but it was still neat to get to sit in it.  It was after this that Jared and I had no doubt that we wanted a Disney Wedding.  Seeing the carriage and that room showed us the kind of magic Disney can add to your wedding and we loved it.

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