Why a Disneyland Wedding?

To start off this blog, I thought I would do a short list of why we chose to do a Disneyland wedding!
1.  Wedding Coordinator- One of the things we liked about Disney weddings was that it looks like you will get a lot of help from the Disney staff for the wedding.  You get a Disney coordinator and he/she makes sure that everything goes accordingly.  All you have to worry about is the outside vendors that you use for the wedding.  We don't really have family around so having this kind of help for the wedding is a definite plus!
2.  Variety- It may seem like you would be limited if you choose to do a Disneyland wedding but Disney Weddings actually offers a variety of choices. You have options that vary from traditional and classic weddings to more whimsical and modern.
3.  Cost- We are on a budget and Disney Weddings has some affordable choices.  Although we didn't pick the better priced Escape Wedding at Disney World, Disneyland has weddings that start at $10,000. This may sound like a lot but when we looked at some of the other locations we were interested in, we found that many of them also started at this amount and some started at even more.  If we're going to be spending that much on a wedding we would definitely prefer Disney!
4.  Location-  We live in Orange County so Disneyland is a great location for us!  We live near by and we don't have to worry about traveling a long way to get there.  We had considered Disney World for our wedding but Disneyland being closer is what helped us choose it in the end.
5.  One Vendor- By picking to do a Disneyland wedding we get to use Disney as the vendor for most of our wedding (such as food, music, flowers).  We don't have to use them for everything but it's nice that we can have most of our stuff done by one vendor instead of several.  Having to depend on several different vendors for the wedding didn't sound like something we wanted so this was something we found very appealing in a Disneyland wedding.
6.  We love Disney!  We both love Disneyland and getting married at the Disneyland Resort just seemed like the right thing for us.

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