Wedding Pavilion- Disney World

After our meeting with a Disneyland wedding specialist we knew we wanted a Disney wedding but were unsure if we wanted it to be at Disneyland or Disney World.  Lucky for us we had a Disney World trip coming up so we decided to wait until after the trip before committing to a Disneyland wedding.
When we went on our trip we made a stop at the Wedding Pavilion.

Wedding Pavilion across the lake

Wedding Pavilion

There was a brides vestibule

The Pavilion was stunning and we really liked it but at the end of the trip we both decided that a wedding at  the Disneyland Resort was for us.  It works out to be more affordable since we don't have to add the cost of traveling and hotels to the wedding.  Plus Disneyland is sort of like home to us. However we are still considering Disney World as our honeymoon destination!

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