Parkview Terrace

The last ceremony location we looked at was Parkview Terrace at the Grand Californian.  The terrace is on the fifth floor and is a space for guests to relax during their stay at the hotel. For weddings, the wooden chairs and tables are removed and new chairs are put out facing the trellis for the ceremony. 

The spot is really beautiful and has a great view of California Adventure and the surrounding area including the Crystal Cathedral.

On the other side of the terrace are these incredible windows.

There were two things that worried me about this spot.  One was how the terrace faced several of the hotel balconies.  All the locations we saw were somewhat out in the open but at this spot a hotel guest could just sit on their balcony and watch your whole ceremony.  My other concern was that the terrace is right above the swimming pool.  Jared and I returned to this spot several times later that week to try to get an idea of what the noise from the pool is like.  Some days seemed louder than others but it didn't seem too bad.
Something I noticed when I visited California Adventure later was that you can actually see the terrace from the park!  Here's a picture I took of the terrace from the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.

We had a couple of concerns about the terrace but overall we really liked it.  It is very unique!  After Parkview Terrace we went to look at some reception locations. I'll be sharing pictures of them tomorrow!

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