Reception Locations

When we met with the Disney Weddings consultant she also took us to some spots for receptions.  Most of the rooms we saw were in the Grand Californian.  I can't remember the names of the rooms that the first two pictures are from (most likely Sorrel B or one of the Sequoia rooms).  But as you can see they all have a similar style and and fit in with the 1900s Arts and Crafts movement that the hotel is based on.

The last room we saw at the Grand Californian is called the Wisteria Room.   It stood out above the rest to us because of its high ceiling!  It also had windows and a door that led outside.  We really liked it.

I love the ceiling!
The last spot we looked at was the Sleeping Beauty Pavilion. I didn't get to take pictures of the inside because there was actually a reception going on when we went in. (I thought it was really neat that we were able to go in during a reception. If I see a consultant with a couple visit our reception for a moment I won't mind because I'll remember how we were once that couple looking in.)
The Sleeping Beauty Pavilion is located at the Disneyland Hotel and I really liked it too!  It made me think of my favorite Disney movie Beauty and the Beast with its gorgeous chandelier and tall windows. Here is a picture I took of it almost a year ago from a room at the Disneyland Hotel. 

The outside of the location looks different now because of the current construction at the hotel but the windows are tinted and the room is still just as stunning!
The Sleeping Beauty Pavilion ended our tour of location options for our wedding.  After seeing these places for ceremonies and receptions, we really had to give it a lot of thought!  We liked so many of them that we knew it was going to be hard to pick from them.  We had one last stop before the end of our meeting that day.  It was a fun surprise that I'll be writing about next!

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